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SLAM Saturday with Rudy Gay

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Most athletes can remember exactly where they learned the game they love. Whether a home golf course, a backyard field, a seasonal rink, or a block of asphalt with a rusted rim and torn net. The amenities never really mattered. The chance to play for hours on end did. Playing close to friends, family, and the embrace of one’s hometown is what made the game special, and is something that Rudy Gay of the Toronto Raptors has never forgotten. Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Baltimore, MD, Gay might suit up for a team north of the border, but trains vigorously in the offseason at Archbishop Spalding high school, just 15 minutes outside of Maryland’s largest city. In today’s SLAM Feature Article, Adam Figman explores the growth of Mr. Gay, from his glory days at UCONN to a standout NBA career that has taken him from Memphis to Toronto. No matter where he winds up on his basketball journey, however, Baltimore is where his heart is.

In addition, today’s Daily Assist is courtesy of Andy Barr, and reiterates the importance of this week’s Article of the Week- training for the demands of basketball. If it’s important, it bears repeating, and if you aren’t training to become a better player on the court, you are wasting your time. Audit your practice and workout routines, and see if they measure up to the movements and intensity of the game. If not, at least be honest with yourself so that you can make the necessary changes. After all, training is all about getting better- getting a great body will come as a byproduct of your efforts. Focus on improving as a player, and everything else will follow.

Enjoy today’s SLAM Feature on Rudy Gay, and train for the demands of the game that you love. Join as a member on, and take part in our Community Forums with some great coaches on a number of awesome strength and conditioning topics.

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SLAM Feature Article: “Through the Wire,” by Adam Figman

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