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Redefine Strength on Monday

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Strength is a loaded word with many connotations. The only strength that should matter to a basketball player is the kind that can help him or her compete at a higher level on the court. Bryan Doo, head strength and conditioning coach of the Boston Celtics leads the way to applicable strength with a multidirectional bodyweight routine- this week’s Workout of the Week. Basketball strength isn’t just about pressing and pulling as much weight as you can with your upper body, it’s about side to side and rotational movement, training on one and two legs, and mastering your bodyweight before adding additional weight. If you can’t complete a perfect pushup, loading up the bench press bar ain’t gonna improve anything. Learn to control your bodyweight, as it’s the only weight you bring to the court.

In addition, today’s Daily Assist is courtesy of Andy Barr, performance specialist for the New York Knicks, and includes a pertinent tip on listening to your body, and focusing on gradual progressions in the gym. Life doesn’t happen at the click of a mouse, and neither do results in the gym. You need to work hard, sustain your efforts, and let your well-mapped-out program take effect. Adding too much external weight to an exercise too rapidly can over-stress your body and lead to injury. Adding smaller, incremental resistance will yield better gains, and more consistent improvement over time. Allow your body to develop, don’t try to reinvent the wheel overnight, and remember that safety supersedes anything else in the gym.

And lastly, today’s Must Watch is a segment that aired on ESPN just last night, and is a powerful piece entitled “Redefining Strength.” For many, the gym is a release from the workday stress. For others, it’s where the champions of tomorrow go to work. For a group of young men in Boston, the gym is a respite from the violence and crime that permeates their everyday life. Innercity Weightlifting in Dorchester, MA is a place where the forgotten men of Boston have a place to call home- a place where Olympic bars and kettlebells take the place of guns and knives. It’s also a place that gives fitness an entirely new purpose…saving a life, and their is no strength and conditioning program in existence that could possibly provide a greater result than that.

Tame your bodyweight before progressing to anything else, focus on gradual increases in the gym, and appreciate the power of fitness and the opportunities it gives you.  In addition, join as a member on and take part in our Community Forums alongside some amazing coaches on a number of great strength and conditioning topics.

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Workout of the Week: Bryan Doo of the Boston Celtics with a Multidirectional Bodyweight Circuit

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Must Watch

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Next time you feel like you’re going to “die” during an intense leg workout or set of interval sprints, consider today’s Must Watch from ESPN- “Redefining Strength.” For the athletes at Innercity Strength in Dorchester, MA, death and violence are a part of everyday life, and fitness is an escape from the perils of reality. To truly redefine strength, you need to redefine perspective, which is exactly what this powerful features accomplishes. Watch and experience.

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