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Get Your Kicks on Saturday

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The odds are pretty solid that most basketball players can remember their very first pair of new sneakers. Whether a Christmas wish come true, a birthday gift, a special occasion surprise, or the end result of a weekly allowance saved for two months straight, fresh basketball kicks can undoubtedly make you the envy of your peers. They have also long been an interesting case study in consumer marketing…and behavior.

Collector aficionados (affectionately known as Sneakerheads) will spend as much as $500 or more for solely the ownership rights to a particular limited edition model. The sneaks will often remain in their box untouched, or be displayed in a homemade shrine meant to showcase a certain level of status. Shoe launches themselves have even been associated with riots at shopping malls, or more rarely incidents of armed robbery. On the other hand, having your own shoe mean’s you’re an established brand, and represent a level of elite that others simply hope to own a piece of. In today’s SLAM Feature Article, Adam Figman examines Kicksmania not from the perspective of a collector, fan, or athlete, but from that of a sneaker designer, and one man’s daunting task of redesigning a highly successful classic. While the tale goes back almost 20 years ago, the Kamikaze’s by Reebok are still fresh today thanks in part to Jon Morris. Find out why in today’s fascinating read.

In addition, today’s Daily Assist is courtesy of Mike Brungardt, former strength and conditioning coach of the San Antonio Spurs, and includes some timely advice on a good way to push yourself harder in the gym. Try working out with a partner. It might seem like an obvious tip, and undoubtedly some athletes feel more in the zone when working out solo. That being said, a workout partner with a similar workout program can serve as a spotter on some of the heavier lifts, which will force you to overload in a safer, more efficient manner. If that partner is also a teammate, even better, as it will give you an opportunity to bond with someone who is likely going to train just as hard as you need to. Pick each other up, and push each other further.

Bring forth your inner Sneakerhead on Saturday, and train harder in the gym with a workout partner by your side. As always, check out our Community Forums to interact with some awesome strength coaches on a number of great strength and conditioning topics.

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SLAM Feature Article: “Comeback Season,” by Adam Figman

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