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Comeback Season

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A fresh pair of kicks is something every basketball player can relate to. You not only need them to play, but to stand out. From the avid baller to the full-fledged sneakerhead, the newest pair of LeBrons, Melos, Air Jordans, or Air Force Ones are an institution that no other sport can rival (jocks don’t exactly wear their football, baseball or golf cleats out and about, must less hockey skates). For a shoemaker, however, redesigning a classic is a scary undertaking. Almost like Christopher Nolan signing up to direct a remake of E.T.- how exactly do you beat the original? For Jon Morris, such was the dilemma he faced in remaking Reebok’s Kamikaze II, the second sneaker in then-Seattle SuperSonics star Shawn Kemp’s signature line. In today’s SLAM Feature Article, Adam Figman unlocks the magic behind some timeless high tops that still have life today.

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