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  • Physioball Core Matrix (VIDEO) Demonstrated by Philadelphia 76ers Strength and Conditioning Coach Jesse Wright.

  • Running Outdoors New Orleans Pelicans Strength and Conditioning Coach Carlos Daniel talks about how and where to work out outside.

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  • Product Spotlight: Cog Sports Intangibles can now be measured...and improved.

  • Crawl, And Get Stronger Than Ever (VIDEO) Greg Brittenham, Wake Forest's Director of Athletic Performance, demonstrates how to take your workout outdoors.

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Putting It All Together: Wrapping up an Exciting Week from Portsmouth

Final thoughts from the 2014 PIT.

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Film Session: PIT Screening

How Spark Motion is giving players useful ways to gain feedback on how they move.

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Why Strength? Wherever You Look It Is Part of the Equation

And it means more than just looking good in a mirror.

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Film Session: Getting the most out of testing

Players, scouts, and GMs are all excited about scores down here at Portsmouth today.

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How well do you move for sports?

On the importance of determining the functional strength and movement abilities. 

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Film Session: Learning from PIT 2013

Our friends at Spark Motion have given us access to their Spark Motion Pro App.

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To Supplement or Not to Supplement

Good nutrition, proper training habits and sufficient recovery are the three pillars of performance enhancement.  Without each being present, an athlete’s physical and mental abilities, as well as overall capacity to improve, are greatly jeopardized.  In a perfect world, maximizing these three things alone would be enough.  However, with increasing pressure for today’s younger athletes to perform at a higher level sooner and faster, the use and abuse of performance enhancing supplements is on the rise. Read More

Train For the Demands of the Game of Basketball

Overtime. Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Eastern Conference Finals. 54 minutes 57.8 seconds in the book thus far. LeBron James runs towards the front court from underneath the Pacers’ basket, receives the inbounds pass, catches defender Paul George off-balance, explodes back toward the goal, and scores the game winner on a strong left-handed lay-in. All in 2.2 seconds. Read More

Armour39- Willpower from Under Armour

How strong is your Willpower?  Track it.  Measurements of toughness that were once qualitative, are now quantitative, with the Armour39 performance monitoring system from Under Armour. Read More

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