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  • The Importance of Power Training How it helps you, and what you should be doing to improve your power.

  • Developing Power For Female Athletes As explained by┬áChrissy Stragisher, the strength and conditioning coach for the WNBA's San Antonio Silver Stars.

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  • Increase Your Power through Complex Training (VIDEO) Dr. Jeremy Bettle of the Brooklyn Nets demonstrates how to do the seated box jump and trap bar deadlift.

  • Unilateral Lower Body Strength And Power Workout (VIDEO) Demonstrated by Dr. Jeremy Bettle of the Brooklyn Nets.

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Pro Tip of the Week

Jesse Wright of the 76ers on hydration.

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Hydration 101

What, when, and everything else you need to know about hydration, courtesy of the New York Knicks’ Andy Barr.

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Power Training for Basketball (VIDEO)

The Miami Heat’s Eric Foran lays out some basic ways to build power.

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Seven Reasons To Train with Kettlebells

Why their beneficial, and how they can make you bigger, stronger and faster.

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Train For the Demands of the Game of Basketball

Basketball, with its quick bursts and movements, isn’t like other sports and athletic activities. Because of this, the training for it should be different.

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How to Strengthen Your Ankle and Foot

Advice from John Murray, former strength and conditioning coach for the Golden State Warriors.

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